A little tapir mother-and-child bonding bliss at the Belize Zoo. Image © Jain Lemos.

How long does it take to cook up something great?

That question has baffled artists (and gamblers) for ages. When is it finally right or when is it time to walk away? My advice is to know your intended audience by platform or product. Personal shots and Instagrams can be spur-of-the moment. Proof-of-concept takes and mood boards are to convey ideas… we’ll get that. And all of your blog posts don’t have to be stellar, just don’t go months without a new post if a blog is tied to your brand.

But for your website, promos, stories, magazines or books please don’t rush. Put your emphasis less on the technical aspects of your project at first and more on the development of your overall visual interest and message. Stay true to your roots. Be open to feedback and change. Ask for help.

Close your eyes and get that nurturing thing going. And find out how long it takes to get to the Moon.