What are you going to do with that? Image © Jain Lemos.

What is the difference between hunger and appetite? It’s not always a straightforward answer but it’s a simple one. You can’t be hungry for coffee or jelly beans. There is an “earned hunger” that comes from either chopping wood or for others, making bookkeeping entries all morning. The difference is how much food you need to eat to replenish the body’s need for fuel.

This concept extrapolates to many daily tasks and ideas. Think about how you go through your day and if you are first working and then replenishing yourself. After resting overnight your mind and body are ready to do their most productive work almost immediately. You don’t need that much “fuel” yet.

Helping Dad get a coconut, dumb lady.

“Help Dad get a coconut, dumb lady.” Image © Jain Lemos.

By noon it’s time to stop and completely enjoy the first meal of the day. You should be hungry! A short rest after to digest is really helpful and then you can fill out your day at a slower pace, using the time for simpler tasks.

Many artists do the exact opposite of this! They can still be creative and productive, but there is typically some imbalance in their lives. Some don’t get going until well past dinner, after they have spent the day running around in circles, apologizing for being late. After months working in this fashion they burn-out and either collapse in malady or require a month of sleep. Everything is so dramatically over-the-top.

What difference does it make if your best work comes out of these manic periods? Maybe only that you could produce far better work if you simply change not what, but how much and when you eat!

It's a simple life, but someone has to lead it.

It’s a lovely life here in Placencia for those living along the longest sidewalk in the world (so they say in the Guinness Book of Records). Image © Jain Lemos.