A full range of options for bringing your book to market.


We’ll explore options for approaching established publishers for an advance/royalty arrangement.

Book Packaging

Starting from scratch, we’ll get your book edited, illustrated, designed, manufactured and ready to sell.

Custom Imprint

To set up your own publishing company, we’ll start with a short list of titles and establish your brand for growth.

All Types of Books

Types: Fiction and Non-Fiction

Genres: Documentary, Novels, Spirituality, Biographies, Memoirs, Autobiographies, Cooking, Illustrated, Photography

Formats: Digital offset, print-on-demand, ebooks

Services I Provide

  • A free 20-minute consultation (contact me);
  • Help with every publishing step and option so you can make informed decisions;
  • Developmental editing of your manuscript;
  • Make sure your text is logical, organized, consistent, accessible, and enjoyable to read;
  • Format your Word document so the text can be designed properly for publication;
  • Acquire, restore, retouch, prepare, and/or take photographs suitable for printing;
  • Design your book using the correct software (InDesign CC);
  • Eye-catching, professional, front and back cover designs;
  • Guarantee that text and cover files are correctly prepared;
  • Generate print and ebook versions;
  • Work with several printers to give you competitive pricing;
  • Help you set up your own publishing imprint;
  • Yes, list your book on Amazon!
  • Work with Kindle Publishing, IngramSpark, Vervante, and all similar platforms;
  • Provide options for fulfillment;
  • Develop marketing plans and create promotional pieces;
  • Design and develop author websites and blogs;
  • Support book sales efforts;
  • Give you incredible value for your investment!

Jain Lemos is the guru of self-publishing. If you have a book you’re considering self-publishing, this is who you want to work with. Jain guided us deftly through every step of the bookmaking process, taking our manuscript and giving excellent counsel and feedback, suggesting book formatting, bidding out to printers, overseeing delivery and so much more.

She’s a total pro, with an extensive background in the book industry. We were ecstatic with our final results.

Lee Weinstein

Author, "Write, Open, Act"

Jain was invaluable to my book project. She kept me on track and was always reminding me what needed to get done, something I was lacking. Jain is the ultimate professional, she really knows what she’s doing with regards to book publishing and production values. I can’t say enough good things about her!
Douglas Merriam

Author and Photographer, "The Santa Fe Farmers Market Cookbook"

I was looking for an amazing editor to shape and nurture my rough draft into a great little book and Jain gave me that and so much more! Jain skillfully maintained my voice and crafted my words into an engaging book. Her work ethic is fantastic. I often scrambled to keep up with her and always felt that I got more work than I paid for.

A friend who had read my first draft and then read her edited version said, “Wow!” A great editor has the power to help bring your vision to life. Jain is that kind of editor! You will be grateful to have hired Jain and I will use her services again.

Leslie Capps

Author, "Complete: The Remodeler's 3 Stage Antidote to Chaos"

Jain Lemos makes magic! She took my really rough notes and a thick file of images and turned this brew into an elegant and beautiful book, called by one well-known personality “a masterpiece.” More than that, she saw what was possible when others might have shied away. The result is a book acclaimed by hundreds of people (sales are in the thousands).

People say the book is “awesome,” “inspirational,” “so beautiful,” an “art piece.” Jain produced this book. She was always there with answers to my many questions and concerns and professionally guided me through the creative and publishing process. In short, Jain was a delight and a friend and always said, “Richard, it will all work out OK.” It did!

Richard Turner

Author and Photographer, "I Can't Always See My Path... But I Keep on Walking"