Here’s how to properly hold a fish. Image © Jain Lemos.

Yesterday I updated my Facebook and Twitter profiles. What’s crazy is that the templates change and visuals need to fit right so pages look good on phones, tablets and a bunch of different monitor sizes. What worked last year doesn’t cut it now. Twitter is the trickiest and Loud Noises has the best help!

I was scratching my head yesterday but I enjoy learning how to do these things and improving my concentration skills. Being on the Internet makes me want to rush through everything, I don’t know why. Then I’ll become completely obsessed with one idea and want to gut everything. I drink coffee, get a headache from the screen and then drink more coffee.

I’m continuing my photo edit from our trip. This next batch is from the Placencia Peninsula, a place I got used to quickly.

A first look at Placencia.

The first look at Placencia arriving by sea. Image © Jain Lemos.


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