A serious match on a pitch in Placencia, Belize. Image © Jain Lemos.

Are you pitching projects this month? I have been hearing a few and noticed people beginning every answer with, “So…” I find it SO annoying. I can’t imagine it’s intentional but it is coming off as snobbish.

You’ll be answering many questions when it’s time to pitch your idea or project. Use this list to practice your responses and see if you can start each answer differently!

  1. What’s your project about?
  2. Hasn’t that been done already?
  3. What audience will you reach?
  4. Anyone influential on board?
  5. Do you have any presales?
  6. How will it be distributed?
  7. What’s the time frame?
  8. Why should our company help you?

Good luck and let me know if you want to run your pitch by me to check your so and so. Meanwhile, how do you think David Beckham will do with his pitch to bring soccer to Magic City?