Closing their successful season with the wistful “Peter Pan” at the Rodey Theatre, Landmark Musicals is determined to prove no aim is too high for their reach—not even the boy who wouldn’t grow up. Scottish-born writer J. M. Barrie penned the opus more than a century ago as a brokenhearted tribute to his brother who died in a skating accident at age 13, and for his mother who he longed to console. The play was immediately successful when first appearing on stage in 1904. Through many adaptations, and the addition of a musical score and dance routines for Broadway in 1954, Barrie’s peculiar dialogue and characters remain nearly the same today as originally written.

While the songs don’t quite hit the mark of unforgettable, thankfully the story has big, memorable characters that stay with us forever. As the play opens to a nursey in the fashionable residential area of Bloomsbury in London’s West End, the Darling family appears perfectly normal, until we discover someone has left their shadow behind. With that fact established, the rest of their reality is open for interpretation.

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