Photograph © Inti St. Clair

Some people can light up any space they walk into and lifestyle photographer Inti St. Clair has effortlessly perfected that talent. Put a camera in her hands and the phenomena continues. As an award-winning commercial shooter with an envious client list—AT&T, Chase, Kaiser Permanente, Hilton and Honda to name a few—Inti is an approachable and congenial artist who shares her gifts wherever she goes.

About 20 years ago, Inti was working in Portland, Oregon as a chef. She realized the long hours and the industry demands were too brutal to endure and that career path wasn’t going to allow her the freedom she craved to explore the world. Soon enough, tongs and microplanes made way for strobes and memory cards. With a new passion for a new century, Inti set out to capture an extension of herself in the lifestyle, travel and portraiture images she creates.

Raised in the Pacific Northwest and settling in Austin (for the warmer weather) about five years ago, it’s clear that Inti is dedicated to sharing her enthusiastic knack for life to bring out the best in us. APA is fortunate to have her energy and know-how in her new role as their National Board Vice President, where she will work with representatives from each chapter to help with advocacy, membership and marketing initiatives.

Congratulations on joining APA’s National Board. Tell us how you are going to approach your position and what do you hope to accomplish?

I am so grateful for the guidance I’ve gotten over the years from a number of mentors I’ve had, and I fully believe in doing whatever I can to help other photographers and lift up the industry as a whole. I hope to do what I can to create community, provide resources and assistance to other artists, and promote greater diversity both within the realm of APA, and the greater professional photography community.

I think it’s important for photographers to have more honest conversations with each other and not to work so much as competitors but as allies in a competitive marketplace. For example, we can do things to help the industry keep rates reasonable and consistent. Too often, jobs are going for way less than they should and, naturally, clients will take advantage of the situation. Having honest conversations about pricing will only serve to help sustain the industry for all of us. I will also encourage local chapters to expand their outreach to ensure representation in APA includes members with a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds, orientations and genders. I’d also like to explore mentorship and grant programs and find ways to make photography a more reliable income source.

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