Antonios Tsagkaratos, Aviation Media Expert & Flying Creative Force, wrote to tell me how much he enjoyed reading my 33-part series on producing documentary books. Antonios thought I might be Greek because Lemos is a typical sir name in Greece. I explained that I am not Greek but Portuguese, and referred him to my story about my ancestors. My grandfather was born on the island of Flores, Azores and I wrote a blog post from when I visited there, Chase Your DNA.

I highly value your generosity to offer, through your website, that hard earned expertise that took you so much time to build! Your 33-part blog series on Producing Documentary Books portrays someone who is not just at the top of her game, but also one who is a very generous professional. Even after my 17-year learning curve, your posts provided me with plenty of opportunities to learn new things about publishing. Your advice will be precious for many more people interested in immersing themselves in the world of photography publishing. A heartfelt thank you for being an inspiring, giving person.