Premier Gals, photo by JainGo with the flow without a plan was my plan for BEA. That was more effective than trying to do it all which is impossible. I have a pile of notes and many interesting reports! On Friday, David Cohen and I crossed paths at the moment he was ready to buy me a surprise lunch ;-). Thank you, David, for sharing fries and friendly, relaxed conversation. We chatted about the debate over content vs. information. We decided we have no trouble separating the two, though many see advantages in blending them. Earlier, I wrote about his new book, What Matters. David now has a flashy new website including how you can help.

The Lonely Planet booth was full of hugs and news from the gang. They should be Popular Planet. I know I’m biased, but their booth is so welcoming and happy. Their Pick & Mix digital downloads are ready when you are.

Next was reconnecting with David Carriere at the Glitterati booth, out with a new book, Publicity 7 Steps. I took a snap of him with publisher Marta Hallett and uploaded to Flickr for the Publisher’s Lunch instant blog. Glitterati’s great mix of photo titles coming this fall is a reflection of Marta’s expertise in acquiring books and her commitment to showcasing photography and narratives from different walks of life.

After the show, my mentor/agent and I ditched the parties and went down to Santa Monica for dinner and a stroll through the 3rd Street Promenade to decompress. There was a long queue for the “Sex and the City” premier and these lovely ladies in their matching tees posed for a quick snap. Their lighthearted camaraderie was revitalizing, especially after listening to Jeff Bezos earlier that afternoon droning on about the Kindle, which, by the time I got home exhausted I was calling the Kermit, because the names seem equally silly.

My Saturday report will follow after a beach break.

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