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Producing Documentary Books by Jain Lemos

Free 33-Part Blog Series

Is there a documentary book in your future? In this exclusive blog series, The Ultimate Guide to Producing Documentary Books, you will not only find out if there is one, you’ll learn exactly what to do if there is.

Shaping the Subject

There are a few general categories that most documentary books fit into. But a documentary format can work for practically any subject you care to tackle. Understand the four most common types of documentary books.

Setting Absolutes

What absolutely must be in place before deciding to produce a documentary book? See how your book idea matches up with this list of must-haves.

Lee Weinstein

Write, Open, Act

“Jain Lemos is the guru of self-publishing. If you have a book you’re considering self-publishing, this is who you want to work with. Jain guided us deftly through every step of the bookmaking process, taking our manuscript and giving excellent counsel and feedback, suggesting book formatting, bidding out to printers, overseeing delivery and so much more. She’s a total pro, with an extensive background in the book industry. We were ecstatic with our final results.”

Leslie Capps

Complete: The Remodeler’s 3 Stage Antidote to Chaos

“I was looking for an amazing editor to shape and nurture my rough draft into a great little book and Jain gave me that and so much more! Jain skillfully maintained my voice and crafted my words into an engaging book. Her work ethic is fantastic. A friend who had read my first draft and then read her edited version said, ‘Wow!’ A great editor has the power to help bring your vision to life. Jain is that kind of editor! You will be grateful to have hired Jain and I will use her services again.”

Douglas Merriam

The Santa Fe Farmers Market Cookbook

“Jain was invaluable to my book project. She kept me on track and was always reminding me what needed to get done, something I was lacking. Jain is the ultimate professional, she really knows what she’s doing with regards to book publishing and production values. I can’t say enough good things about her!”

Richard Turner

I Can’t Always See My Path…

“Jain Lemos makes magic! She took my rough notes and a thick file of images and turned this brew into an elegant and beautiful book, called by one well-known personality ‘a masterpiece.’ She saw what was possible when others might have shied away. The result is a book acclaimed by hundreds of people with sales in the thousands. Jain was always there with answers to my many questions and concerns and professionally guided me through the creative and publishing process.”