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Scopio Takes On Authentic Content Access

April 21, 2016
There’s tons of new technology popping up around the ability for buyers and creators to record transactions, track and share content, and basically get down to the business of image curation and usage. Scopio has jumped into the fray as another go-between, where you give them permission to access your social accounts so you can request images directly from the plethora of user-generated visuals.

Photocase: The Anti-Stock Image Undertaking

March 30, 2016
Photocase launched from Germany in 2001 as a creative stock photography marketplace with a determination to deliver the anti-stock image. All their photos are hand-picked, meaning you won’t slog through millions of repetitive or inferior quality images. The founders are all graphic designers who used to work for the same company. “We were constantly, like all other designers, on the hunt for good photos,” says Frank Erler, Photocase’s customer service manager. “But everything out there was either expensive or not so great looking,” he adds.

The Wheels Keep on Turning for Wonderful Machine

October 7, 2015
It’s been nearly 10 years since Bill Cramer started his cooperative photography agency, though he says it’s hard to pinpoint the actual founding date. That’s because Wonderful Machine evolved somewhat gradually from being a cooperative in 2006 of three photographers—Cramer, Chris Crisman and Ryan Donnell—who were sharing a space and staff, to today’s production company with a network of 725 photographers in 30 specialties from 50 countries.

Weather-Chasing Champions: StockStorm and Framed by Nature – Part Two

August 26, 2015
Getting up to speed quickly on safety rules is Evan Ludes, a 22-year-old photographer from Omaha, Nebraska. Already, he’s amassing a solid collection of weather-related content, images that are intense and dynamic. His great love of the outdoors led him to establish Framed By Nature. His website chronicles past storm chases and scenes from his travels.

Weather-Chasing Champions: StockStorm and Framed by Nature – Part One

August 19, 2015
Storm spotting is a special art and obsession that leads intrepid souls into the elements to conquer and capture what most of us duck and run from. For veteran cinematographer Martin Lisius and time-lapse specialist Evan Ludes, weather photography is so deeply embedded in their veins they’ve devoted their lives to capturing the art of the storm.

VC Boston Copyright Panel After Class

April 29, 2015
We know the conversation about copyright never ends. For those of us who didn’t get to Boston last month for Visual Connection’s Expo—and for those of you who were able to attend—we continue the dialog.

Photos For Life: The World’s First Charity Photo Bank

March 4, 2015
This novel idea from Poland, where all proceeds from image sales help cancer patients, is a true life changer.

Marrying Stills and Video: Flixel Promises a Long Engagement

January 21, 2015
Moving still photos, known as cinemagraphs, are gaining popularity with publishers, advertisers and creators looking for new ways to engage their viewers.

Enter Lobster: Buttering up the Image Marketplace

November 19, 2014
Another new user content community aims to change the way we use visual materials found online. And this one has put the ubiquitous hashtag front and center.

Diving into the DPLA: Getty Research Institute Adds Nearly 100,000 New Items

October 15, 2014
If you haven’t spent time lately navigating the collections of the Digital Public Library of America, now is a great time to revisit this fabulous content resource.

Cashing in on Phone Photos: Enter Stockimo from Alamy

July 30, 2014
Alan Capel explains how their new app is driving sales and delivering the look advertisers demand.

IMGembed’s Impression Licensing Solution

June 18, 2014
Robert Henson, IMGembed’s VP of business development, explains how their pay-per-view licensing tool impacts both the supply and demand side of online publishing.

Permission Machine: The Innovative Way to License Online Images

April 30, 2014
Image pros want to support photographers and avoid copyright infringement, right? Thanks to Permission Machine, there is a new tool to accomplish this and more with just a few clicks.

Passing through InTransit Images

January 3, 2013
Jain crosses paths with visual sage Bob Hendriks, Managing Director of InTransit Images, and explains his company’s sensible trajectory.

Engaging Notions: Aurora’s Groundbreaking myPhone Collection

August 29, 2012
Aurora Photos founder José Azel takes the lead on offering camera phone stock and endures the challenges of being the first agency to engage persnickety pros.

A Decisive Road for Evolve Images

July 25, 2012
ASPP Executive Director Jain Lemos recently chatted with Lewis Blackwell, Chief Creative Officer of Evolve Images, about where his innovative road will take us.