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It's hard to tell what stage this project is in.

Book Production Schedules

Photo book publishing has changed in seventeen years but when it comes to book production schedules whips still have to … »

A Lonely Planet author made Bert famous as the Coconut Man from Placencia.

Knowing Your Claim to Fame

This weekend I had dinner at new friend’s house and one of her guests asked me, “What’s your claim to … »

I'm glad there are people with courage to paint their homes as brightly as they like.

Sorry I Took Your Home

Continuing on the color theme, Audrey Louise Reynolds shares with The Selby (my favorite) how she uses colors from natural … »

Unfortunately the gallery was closed the day we were here.

Caribbean Color Chart

I love making color charts from my photos to save and use for making graphics and promos. These 10 samples … »