I'm sure this pier is on a Google map but I didn't find it that way.

The Google Game

Google Friends Near the Pier if you must.

That Google has taken over everything is not news. That I am finally succumbing to their dominance might be. I’ve tried to bypass their global snare for years (they still won’t be my search engine of choice) but now I am going to jump in and live the Google life.

Why? Because they own SEO and I want to play. Most of my online meetings have shifted from Skype to Hangout. I’m on Android which is ultimately Google. My Google Plus account has about three followers so off I go to search for you to add you to my circles (or is it squares?).

Today I found out I need to set up Google Authorship to link my content. Don’t you know Google AuthorRank is key for inbound marketing and SEO?  On it goes… they know everything I’m doing anyway. HELLO GOOGLE PEOPLE!

So if I want my work to be found, I guess hanging out at Friends isn’t going to work anymore. This might be my last weekend of solitude.

I'm sure this pier is on a Google map but I didn't find it that way.

I’m sure this pier is on a Google map but I didn’t find it that way.

This might be the last place Google finds, but with the best local food it won't be long.

This might be the last place Google finds, but with the best local food it won’t be long.


Platform Madness

Here's how to hold a fish.

Here’s how to hold a fish.

Yesterday I updated my Facebook and Twitter profiles. What’s crazy is that the templates change and visuals need to fit right so pages look good on phones, tablets and a bunch of different monitor sizes. What worked last year doesn’t cut it now. Twitter is the trickiest and Loud Noises has the best help!

I was scratching my head yesterday but I enjoy learning how to do these things and improving my concentration skills. Being on the Internet makes me want to rush through everything, I don’t know why. Then I’ll become completely obsessed with one idea and want to gut everything. I drink coffee, get a headache from the screen and then drink more coffee.

I’m continuing my photo edit from our trip. This next batch is from the Placencia Peninsula, a place I got used to quickly.

A first look at Placencia.

The first look at Placencia arriving by sea.



Bait & Hook Images

It's time to get underway at last. Deck views from our 184' ship.

It’s time to get underway at last. Here are some deck views from our 184′ ship.

Getty Images made a bold industry move to allow the free non-commercial use of a majority of their images, right about the time I was starting to live and breathe all things Caribbean.

Getty’s Craig Peters answered PDN’s questions about their new Embed tool. His response to how this is going to help photographers: “The trend is self-publishing, the trend is online sharing. You can either sit back and let the world pass you by, or you try to innovate and create the opportunity to increase benefit back to content providers.”

It’s a yucky feeling when photographers have to keep fighting the same battles decade after decade. Usage is usage and creators should be compensated. But that doesn’t matter. Apparently free first is required to hook today’s buyers. Sadly, stock photography has stooped to new lows again under pressure to embrace the razor and blades business model.

Maybe Craig should practice a little Zen every now and then.

Our engineer enjoys the top deck for a spell.

Blue everywhere.

Blue and white everywhere.

We are getting into that water soon!

Oh yes, a little trolling, too.

Oh yes, a little trolling will be happening later, too.


The Time it Takes

One more from the Belize Zoo: A little tapir bliss.

One more from the Belize Zoo: A little tapir mother-and-child bonding bliss.

How long does it take to cook up something great?

That question has baffled artists (and gamblers) for ages. When is it finally right or when is it time to walk away? My advice is to know your intended audience by platform or product. Personal shots and Instagrams can be spur-of-the moment. Proof-of-concept takes and mood boards are to convey ideas… we’ll get that. And all of your blog posts don’t have to be stellar, just don’t go months without a new post if a blog is tied to your brand.

But for your website, promos, stories, magazines or books please don’t rush. Put your emphasis less on the technical aspects of your project at first and more on the development of your overall visual interest and message. Stay true to your roots. Be open to feedback and change. Ask for help.

Close your eyes and get that nurturing thing going. And find out how long it takes to get to the Moon.



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