First a little housekeeping: Yesterday I unraveled my site and set up a new template including auto posting to various social media sites using SNAP. Warning: anything could happen as a result! I also unlocked comments so let me have them. Such an undertaking would not possible for me without the generosity of darling nerdy people who post tweaking instructions like these. (Coffee money is on it’s way, Om!)

A photographer wrote to me a few weeks ago asking for referrals to literary agents. When it comes to photo books that’s sort of a tall order. Really, getting an agent for anything these days is a total inside job. Why do you think the crowd-sourcing funding platforms Indiegogo and Kickstarter became necessary?

I suggested a few paths and sent a link to this this post, where I list the three stages of selling your project. He answered, “My confidence with regard to selling 2 and 3 may perhaps be over-stated, but in that I have experience and can do. It’s getting to the proverbial base #1 where am stumped and stymied.”

Right. This is where talent needs opportunity. If you are sitting on the porch with your face in the sun this morning I hope your meditation results in an idea to go somewhere and engage with someone new. Because it’s probably going to be the person ahead of you in the boarding queue—or the one you hand a plate to at a party where say you don’t know anyone—who holds a key to your next move. Don’t be chicken and vain. Strike up an awe-inspiring conversation and be ready on your end to follow through. Even better if it turns out you can help them.

Otherwise, robots are going to take over the world! 2028 is just around the corner.