Sorry I Took Your Home

Continuing on the color theme, Audrey Louise Reynolds shares with The Selby (my favorite) how she uses colors from natural finds for her fabric designs. Anyone stirring a big pot over a bonfire gets my applause, even if they do take a crab’s home once in a while. Todd does a perfect job in his…

Platform Madness

Yesterday I updated my Facebook and Twitter profiles. What’s crazy is that the templates change and visuals need to fit right so pages look good on phones, tablets and a bunch of different monitor sizes. What worked last year doesn’t cut it now. Twitter is the trickiest and Loud Noises has the best help! I…

Respect Demanded

Photographers who specialize in nature and wildlife are a breed apart. If this type of shooting interests you, start studying some of the greats, like Frans Lanting, who pens the syndicated column, World View. He has been everywhere, including Belize, of course! Here is his video, Cougar Face on how he captures these magnificent cats.

Field Trip!

Yesterday, Jamie Williams and I arranged for a private print study session at The University of Arizona’s Center for Creative Photography. We selected a box of gelatin silver prints by Dorothea Lange, and a Magnum group portfolio. This image was one of my favorites of the whole lot we viewed, about 50 in all, with…

Who is Scott Kelby?

Thanks to Twitter, I learned about Scott Kelby and his Worldwide Photowalk. This was the Second Annual, held on Saturday, July 18. I joined the morning group in Tucson led by Barney Streit, who did a fantastic job of organizing everything. Laurel was one of the several models who came along and withstood the heat….