Artist Interviews

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Mark Leibowitz on Mastering His Craft in Brazil

January 19, 2016
Mark Leibowitz travels on assignment up to seven months a year, most often to Europe for his fashion work and to Brazil for his lifestyle and travel work. Production in Brazil has pronounced contrasts from work in Europe and the United States and clearly Brazil is a country that has captured his imagination. Leibowitz earned his degree in Economics and Spanish from Stanford University and these foundations serve him well as he masters his craft in Brazil’s creatively stimulating atmosphere.

Tom Hussey: Pivotal Reflections

July 8, 2015
It’s incredibly rare that Tom Hussey photographs something that doesn’t walk and talk. He identifies as Texan but lives in a world without boundaries. Running an impressive advertising production company based in Dallas, he’s mixing out work that repeatedly catches notice, honors, awards, features and praise. In 2011, he earned the distinction of being named one of the Top 10 Creatives in the World by Adweek from an international field of nearly 2,800 artists. That remarkable triumph came as a surprise to him, but not to anyone else.

Tim Tadder: Southern California’s Avant-Garde Maverick

May 4, 2015
He loves warm weather and believes in commitment—to his work and his family. His portfolio bursts with intense shots of celebs, pols and pro athletes alongside marvelous concepts and the occasional tasteful nude. His bio is sprinkled with mega promotions for global brands and creative powerhouses. Yet Tim Tadder—the newspaper-shooting straightforward Baltimore native turned Southern California advertising photographer—is ever evolving. As one of the country’s most sought out campaign shooters, he’s determined not to become pigeonholed as an artist.

An Angel’s Dream: Native Stock Pictures Touches New Horizons

June 19, 2013
For Angel Wynn, moving from Sun Valley, Idaho to Santa Fe, New Mexico opened up doors of abundance for her art and agency. Walking into Angel Wynn’s studio home on Canyon Drive in Santa Fe, the air seems to shift and all of a sudden, you are transported into a world of brave beauty. The strong presence of buffalo, wild Mustangs and Native people hang on the walls in an enchanting mix of imagery. Then Wynn appears, big smiles break out and the relaxed conversation never lags. She is absolutely in her element here.