Incredibly capable, super organized, hockey fanatic, vastly resourceful, verifiably accomplished, picture perfect and ready to go.

Jain Lemos is a photography publishing producer and educator who has worked with top creative teams at Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Harper Collins, Chronicle Books, National Geographic and Lonely Planet.

I want to provide valuable and engaging dialogue with artists working in a wide spectrum of visual arts. My approach is to target and break down the individual needs of a particular method for becoming successful as an artist. I write critiques, give opinions on everything and wonder about the future. I recommend the work of fellow colleagues and observe their processes. I offer suggestions on promotional campaigns and marketing plans and explain how they might be implemented at a particular point in a creative person’s professional career. My writings are unique in that readers can enjoy a vast and eclectic mix of my resources and insider view of the industry and our creative world. My overarching mission is to make sure that artists can gain practical advice on moving forward with their projects and careers. Please reach out. ~ Jain