Work it, work it!

Event Photography Rates – A Trick Question

Q: What is the standard rate for event photography? Is there a standard rate?

A: Here’s the best way to shoot and upload images when you only have rights to publish live.

Work it, work it!

A model pup. Uh oh, work it, work it!

James Moritz is super. I don’t know him yet, but he took the time to write a detailed, technical answer to this trick question that was posted on one of my LinkedIn groups for editors and creative directors. He didn’t reveal his rates, but his generosity (and a look through his work) tells me that he’s a photographer you want to hire!

James is the DP at Moritz & Co in New York. They primarily focus on campaigns, catalogs and editorial and his team now incorporates a video component on practically every shoot.

Here is his response, which I’ve condensed here with his permission.

We recently shot a big name runway show where the model/usage rights restricted us to photographing and uploading images to Social Media sites ONLY DURING the show. Once the show closed uploads were not allowed. This meant we needed a rapid fire way of shooting and uploading.

As these shows are only a few minutes long it was a mad dash to shoot and upload.

We shot using our regular Canon setup only using a Wi-Fi connection to the computer and transmitting a file size about the same as an iPhone. These files transfer quickly over an established network. The key is to bring an AirPort Extreme to establish this solid camera-to-computer connection.

As images were transmitted to the computer, we quickly edited with a tech on the fly (this could be done automatically), then uploaded via a Verizon Hotspot which was patched into the AirPort Extreme network. It worked flawlessly! So if you want more than an iPhone photo I would recommend using this workflow.

I also shot a full-page print fashion shoot with models jumping in midair so the iPhone image delivers an amazing image, provided you have a lot of light. At night, during an event images might not look so great. If you do go the iPhone route, just be sure you get a handheld LED continuous light source to bump up the light so the shots won’t look so bad. With the iPhone, it’s all about how much light is available. The new Canons can get amazing pictures with candlelight, so there is a big difference.

There is a really nice camera app that allows you to make basic color corrections and exposure and white balance control. You’ll need this for iPhone shots to get a professional-looking image every time (instead of hit-or-miss.) The biggies here are that you can bump up the exposure and adjust any crazy color casts. The camera app allows you to lock in white balance so you don’t get yellow images. Hope this helps. Good luck! Cheers, James

Other group members did provide some rate estimates; most replied that there really isn’t a a standard rate.  But now we know how to set up for shooting an event when you can only publish live. Thanks again, James!

A serious match on a pitch in Placencia, Belize.

Pitching Projects: Try These Questions

A serious match on a pitch in Placencia, Belize. Pitching Projects.

A serious match on a pitch in Placencia, Belize.

Are you pitching projects this month? I have been hearing a few and noticed people beginning every answer with, “So…” I find it SO annoying. I can’t imagine it’s intentional but it is coming off as snobbish.

You’ll be answering many questions when it’s time to pitch your idea or project. Use this list to practice your responses and see if you can start each answer differently!

  1. What’s your project about?
  2. Hasn’t that been done already?
  3. What audience will you reach?
  4. Anyone influential on board?
  5. Do you have any presales?
  6. How will it be distributed?
  7. What’s the time frame?
  8. Why should our company help you?

Good luck and let me know if you want to run your pitch by me to check your so and so. Meanwhile, how do you think David Beckham will do with his pitch to bring soccer to Magic City?

I'm glad there are people with courage to paint their homes as brightly as they like.

Sorry I Took Your Home

Continuing on the color theme, Audrey Louise Reynolds shares with The Selby (my favorite) how she uses colors from natural finds for her fabric designs. Anyone stirring a big pot over a bonfire gets my applause, even if they do take a crab’s home once in a while.

Todd does a perfect job in his Fashionable Selby Films and those wanting to get into the game should make note of how he and his team put them together.

I'm glad there are people with courage to paint their homes as brightly as they like.

I’m glad there are people with courage to paint their homes as brightly as they like.

What are you going to do with that?

Sometimes a Stupid Question

What are you going to do with that?

What are you going to do with that?

What is the difference between hunger and appetite? It’s not always a straightforward answer but it’s a simple one. You can’t be hungry for coffee or jelly beans. There is an “earned hunger” that comes from either chopping wood or making bookkeeping entries all morning. The difference is how much food you need to eat to replenish the body’s need for fuel.

This concept extrapolates to many daily tasks and ideas. Think about how you go through your day and if you are first working and then replenishing yourself. After resting overnight your mind and body are ready to do their most productive work almost immediately. You don’t need that much “fuel” yet.

By noon it’s time to stop and completely enjoy the first meal of the day. You should be hungry! A short rest after to digest is really helpful and then you can fill out your day at a slower pace, using the time for simpler tasks.

Many artists do the exact opposite of this! They can still be creative and productive, but there is typically some imbalance in their lives. Some don’t get going until well past dinner, after they have spent the day running around in circles, apologizing for being late. After months working in this fashion they burn-out and either collapse in malady or require a month of sleep. Everything is so dramatically over-the-top.

What difference does it make if your best work comes out of these manic periods? Maybe only that you could produce far better work if you simply change not what, but how much and when you eat!

Helping Dad get a coconut, dumb lady.

Help Dad get a coconut, dumb lady.

It's a simple life, but someone has to lead it.

It’s a lovely life here in Placencia for those living along the longest sidewalk in the world (so they say in the Guinness Book of Records).

I'm sure this pier is on a Google map but I didn't find it that way.

The Google Game

Google Friends Near the Pier if you must.

That Google has taken over everything is not news. That I am finally succumbing to their dominance might be. I’ve tried to bypass their global snare for years (they still won’t be my search engine of choice) but now I am going to jump in and live the Google life.

Why? Because they own SEO and I want to play. Most of my online meetings have shifted from Skype to Hangout. I’m on Android which is ultimately Google. My Google Plus account has about three followers so off I go to search for you to add you to my circles (or is it squares?).

Today I found out I need to set up Google Authorship to link my content. Don’t you know Google AuthorRank is key for inbound marketing and SEO?  On it goes… they know everything I’m doing anyway. HELLO GOOGLE PEOPLE!

So if I want my work to be found, I guess hanging out at Friends isn’t going to work anymore. This might be my last weekend of solitude.

I'm sure this pier is on a Google map but I didn't find it that way.

I’m sure this pier is on a Google map but I didn’t find it that way.

This might be the last place Google finds, but with the best local food it won't be long.

This might be the last place Google finds, but with the best local food it won’t be long.


Platform Madness

Here's how to hold a fish.

Here’s how to hold a fish.

Yesterday I updated my Facebook and Twitter profiles. What’s crazy is that the templates change and visuals need to fit right so pages look good on phones, tablets and a bunch of different monitor sizes. What worked last year doesn’t cut it now. Twitter is the trickiest and Loud Noises has the best help!

I was scratching my head yesterday but I enjoy learning how to do these things and improving my concentration skills. Being on the Internet makes me want to rush through everything, I don’t know why. Then I’ll become completely obsessed with one idea and want to gut everything. I drink coffee, get a headache from the screen and then drink more coffee.

I’m continuing my photo edit from our trip. This next batch is from the Placencia Peninsula, a place I got used to quickly.

A first look at Placencia.

The first look at Placencia arriving by sea.


Unfortunately the gallery was closed the day we were here.

Caribbean Color Chart

Caribbean color chart with hex codes.

Caribbean color chart with hex codes if needed.

I love making color charts from my photos to save and use for making graphics and promos. These 10 samples came from this photo of a gallery sign in Placencia, Belize.

Unfortunately the gallery was closed the day we were here.

Unfortunately the gallery was closed the day we were there.

Color calibration and monitor management in your work station is so important, and my colleague Martha DiMeo of Chroma Queen gives photographers many great tips on the human visual system and Color Perception here on the X-Rite photo blog and on her own website.

In case you didn’t remember, Danaher Corporation (an industrial healthcare conglomerate) bought X-Rite Inc , which owns the Pantone color measurement system, for nearly half a billion dollars in 2012. How does a company get that big?

One color chip at a time?

Photography and Publishing